Educating School Children

Educating School Children

Hagihon undertakes great efforts to teach future generations the importance of water and to show them how they can save this precious resource.

Learning about water

Since the beginning of the Power project, the Gihon has educated more than 6,000 students from all classes and sectors and passed on the 3 main messages of the project:  


  • Awareness of saving water when watering.
  • The importance of immediately reporting to Hagihon when a municipal water pipes leak.
  • Information about water quality values. 


The educational curriculum of the POWER project has been very successful. Many schools are interested in joining and we try to respond positively to all requests. The program takes place at the Gihon Study Center in Jerusalem.

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The Hagihon Director Mr. Zohar Yinon (on the right) in tree planting activity with children:


A teacher and his student plant a tree in the activity of the Gihon company, which promotes water-saving gardens:


More pictures from Hagihon's educational programme:

Ok, i read it! gold give me points!
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