Community Gardens

Community Gardens

Greening Jerusalem with less water. Hagihon promotes and supports community gardening activists throughout the city beautifying our municipal landscape.

Join our Community Gardens to beautify our city!

Learn about gardening and share your love for plants with like-minded people in Jerusalem and around the world! Find the closest community garden near you, check what they are doing and join the movement to beautify our city!


Community gardens are pieces of land gardened collectively by a group of enthusiastic people. Community gardens utilize either individual or shared plots on private or public land while producing fruit, vegetables - or plants that just look beautiful.


Through our community gardens we also also want to support a sense of community and connection to the environment of Jerusalem and provide an opportunity for satisfying labor and neighborhood improvement.

Hagihon collaborates with community gardens coordinators in the Jerusalem municipality and together with them we support 70 community gardens throughout the city with knowledge and tools to spread the message that it is possible to get a flowering garden with water saving.

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Find a Community Garden near you:

Gardening Pictures
Save the Drop! Share your ideas on water saving!

Are you proud of your water-efficient community garden? Would you like to be recognized for your work in support of water conservation and neighborhood beautification?


If so, enter our community gardens challenge of the month and share your tips on how to safe water below!

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    Great information!

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    Amazing gardens! I would like to know how to create one myself and get tips!

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