NRW - Non-revenue water

NRW - Non-revenue water

Non revenue water reduction program


The HaGihon operates regularly to reduce measurement depreciation throughout the city.

The measurement loss is due to old water infrastructures that leak, along with water thefts, or a decrease in measurement.

To this end, the HaGihon operates for frequent replacement of water pipes, locating water thefts and improving measurement.



A new water pipe was replaced with a new one

A new water pipe was replaced with a new one

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Detection of water thefts

The Gihon inspection teams detect water theft and thus reduce the measurement depreciation. This picture shows how a customer consumes water using a pipe instead of a water meter.
Water theft from municipal pipelines

This picture shows how a customer set a Magnet on the water meter to disrupt the measurement

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Water leaks in Jerusalem - GIS map

Hagihon encourages customers and citizen to report in real time about liquidity in the municipal pipeline.


Attached is a GIS map of works all over Jerusalem. (Water piping works are marked in blue)

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