Submit and vote on ideas in the POWER Idea Contest for Sustainable Communities

Submit and vote on ideas in the POWER Idea Contest for Sustainable Communities

Submit your idea for the POWER Idea Contest for Sustainable Communities or explore, comment and vote on ideas submitted by others. Become one of 10 ideators who will receive support for the implementation of their idea.

About the contest

The results of the first phase of the POWER Idea Contest for Sustainable Communities have been evaluated. More than 140 ideas were submitted to the contest and received feedback from the POWER communities. The top 20 finalists who made it to the next round of the contest are listed here



We are looking for ideas for solutions to sustainability challenges that local communities face. If you are a social entrepreneur, innovator, activist, student or simply someone who cares about achieving sustainable future, submit your idea here and win the chance to implement it!

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How to participate


Participate in the contest by submitting an idea or by commenting and voting on the ideas of others and help the community solve sustainability issues.


Register to submit an idea *

Submit an idea in the "Ideas" section below. 

Your idea should offer а solution to a sustainability challenge that Jerusalem faces. Show how this solution can be replicated in another city of your choice.

Share your idea with your personal network and activate them to vote (by liking) and comment on it. 


See the concrete requirements for your idea submission here.


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Explore, comment and vote already existing ideas in the "Ideas" section below. Your feedback will help the ideators improve their ideas. 


Register to learn more about sustainability issues in Jerusalem


By engaging with other contents on the Jerusalem POWER website - e.g. reading articles, sharing and commenting entries that you find helpful - you learn more about local sustainability issues. This will help you develop a better idea proposal or be able to evaluate more accurate the proposals of others. See more about the way this mechnism works here.


* Participants will be contacted with contest related information via the login credentials they have provided by registering. Find out more about our privacy policy in the document with contest guidelines and terms and conditions.

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Show how your idea solves a sustainability issue in one (or more) of the following areas. Demonstrate how your solution is relevant for the Jerusalem local context and how it could be replicated in another city of your choice: 

Climate  change

Water sustainability

Sustainable consumption & production

Civic engagement

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Submit your idea as a post in this section. Give a catchy title and describe your idea in 2-3 sentances. Attach an additional document with more explanations about your idea (~ 300 words). See more about the requirements for your idea submission in the Guidelines of the contest linked above.


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